Farmer Benefits

Our motto is for conserving more energy, protecting in the environment, generating more by raising living standards for farmers. Acting upon the principles to minimize the impact of Climatic FoodPrint, a symbolic representation of the negative environmental effects of human activity, creating climate security strategies and adapting to significant climate change is what we have achieved.

We forge a productive tie-up with farmers. Across the vast expanse of our area of cultivation, our strategies have resulted in vibrant cooperation among farmers, resulting in a smile of contentment on farmers’ faces and prosperity to our country.

The mahogany cultivation has added another feather in the farmers’ hat and an alternate source of income.

Chaturveda takes pride in its unique Agroforestry-Mahogany solutions, with mahogany cultivation also involving the growing stage of farmers’ necessities to improve farming skills and boosting the economy.

We are glad that farmers enjoy prosperous living with their high-end output. We strongly believe that the benefits of Agroforestry-Mahogany technology will meet the needs of abject farmers, to improve their living standards through sustainable farming, with emerging signs of versatile knowledge.

We make certain that farmers effortlessly collect Agroforestry-Mahogany with our current methods, including training, motivation, exhibition, demonstration, interaction, and routine and advanced technological revelations.

We deliver creative ways to improve, empower, and nurture the farmers’ mindset with value-added input and resources.

Mahogany-Agroforestry is distinctly designed in keeping with retaining farm crop species, chosen to support the predefined target. It is usually integrated with perennial food crops such as cassava, upland rice, bananas, maize, etc. by replanting to decrease the shade and improve the plantation.

Experiments show that mahogany cultivation thrives in mixed cropping scenarios compared to open field plantation ideas. Besides, it can be utilized as a shade for Coffee and Cocoa cultivation.

Mahogany Agroforestry opens the lid to new earning opportunities for farmers, while also preserving and rebuilding toxic eco-systems.

The approach towards planting trees along with conventional crops is a profitable element that has numerous benefits for the farmer. It prevents water pollution and offers alternate revenue sources for reducing difficult local weather conditions.

Our scheme is a blessing to the farmers within the intercropping trend to keep farm income steady and identical. With friendly features, our forum will secure and promote the farmers’ prosperity. We are dedicated to the farmers and, in turn, our country’s economic growth.

Our mission is to continue exploring both conventional and new avenues of Agroforestry-Mahogany innovation for a vivid, appropriately productive, environmentally adaptive, economically viable, socially beneficial, receptive, and sustainable farming for the farmers.
Our motto also includes refinement of farmers’ socio-economic conditions through integrated and stable infrastructure, management, value addition, processing, marketing, and cumulative reinforcement of the farmers’ base to meet their economic objectives.
Also, we stress on basic, selfless, and voluntary contributions to the farming community with innovative technological skills, including the introduction of the Agroforestry-Mahogany approach across the country to enrich their existing resources, and healthy and prosperous nation-building endeavors.

Agroforestry- Mahogany perfection is though not our sole objective. We also ensure the intrinsic ability to pursue the best that comes from within each of us with the cooperation of the farming community.